Design Trends while Selling

I was tickled to see my favorite color appearing on furniture, accents and well, all around at the Las Vegas Furniture Market in January. So, when the February ZGallerie catalog arrived in my mail box the other day, I knew it was the green light to share how predictions pink returning to interior design,   can be incorporated when Staging a property for sale.  
I've been in love with pink since I was very small. It's a complex color with many personalities:  mysterious and elegant, bold and distracting, playful and young. It's entirely feminine and strong no matter it's hue.   It can also add a layer of warmth and softness in a space that might otherwise be cold and unwelcoming.
However, if your considering selling in the next few years (or you've just had a break up and you are determined to be single for the rest of your life) do not run out and buy a new sofa in blush. This trend will not be around forever and you don't want to get stuck with an investment piece you hate. 

Instead, to add that rosy check affect to your home, try one of these accent pieces that are  easily stored when the trend passes and won't turn off buyers 

What do you think of this design trend? I would love to know your thoughts!

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