3 Easy Steps to an Organized Closet

Buyers are nosy.

They should be. They are about to make one, if not, THE biggest purchase of their lives. So they ARE going to look EVERYWHERE; in your closets and under the sink and in all sorts of place you've been shoving stuff in, in an attempt to keep a clean looking house. STOP!
Nothing says "this house has no storage" or "I ignore maintenance issues I can't see" more than messy cabinets and overstuffed closets. 
Cat hanging out on clean linens.. EWW
Here are three steps to keep once of the easiest closets, the linen closet, tidy at all times. Hint:  this works whether you are selling or living in your property. 
  1. EDIT bed and bath linens down to two sets the number of beds or people in the house: one in use and one alternate. Donate or demote all the others to pet use or cleaning rags. This is particularly important if any of them are more than 5 years old - You know you have some! If you are the average home owner you have way more towels sheet sets than you could use in a year and not wash.  This will immediately free up valuable space.
  2. FOLD remaining linens uniformly so that they stack neatly and all in the same direction. Think bedding and bath store shelves. Stay tuned for a towel and sheet-folding tutorial that is so SUPER EASY you can teach the kids to do it. In fact you should!
  3. STORE personal care and other essential products in matching market baskets.  I like these Threshold brand from Target.  Limit the contents of each basket to only what can fit without overflowing it. At our house we have 5 baskets: Mini me, Me, First Aid, Sick Basket and Travel Size. The insides of the baskets do not need to be organized, but each bask should only contain relevant NON-expired and personal products. Putting a label or tag on each allows for easy identification. 
I prefer hidden storage, and think straight sided containers maximizes space better than clear stacking totes. But use what works best for you. 

That's it!  Easy Peasy (did I really just say that?)
By giving just a little extra time and attention to something as seemingly insignificant as a linen closet, potential buyers have one more indication that you've probably also taken stellar care of all those really important, unseen aspects of the property. 
No need to be Martha Stewart or Mommy Dearest, to get and stay organized in all your closets and cabinets. Don't forget to check back for an an easy and not at all painful towel and sheet-folding tutorial. 
And just so you know that it will work even in the tiniest linen closet, this is mine .

taken by my iPhone
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