How to Mix Vintage and Modern Decor

Some of the most interesting, successful spaces are those that feel as if they have been collected over time, like you have searched the world for just the right pieces. Using different styles and eras in design gives you that collected over time look. But it can be tricky to get it right.

One of the keys to making this look work is balance.  Use the concept of contrast. Place pillows covered in vintage fabrics on a modern sofa. Pair a new lamp on a vintage dresser or side table. Use color and pattern to achieve balance by keeping the color palette the same in your space.

Sometimes vintage can be modern...mid-century pieces are vintage but give you the clean lines of a modern piece.

Look for pieces you love, maybe from a time you find romantic or exciting or interesting. Find out the history of a vintage piece, that story will always make your space more interesting.

A designer can help you get just the right mix of vintage and modern by using what you have and mixing those pieces with interesting vintage and modern items. Don't be afraid to mix and match...
An interesting mix of antique Indonesian window transom, 1940's French armchairs and funky mid-century modern plastic chair works in this room because of the color palette and textures.
House Beautiful

Add a mid-century modern dresser to a traditional room
House Beautiful
A vintage dresser makes a statement in this otherwise modern kitchen.

Salvage wood paired with modern metal chairs
House Beautiful

A 19th Century English Secretary and vintage look tub added to a modern bathroom
House Beautiful

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