New Year' Resolution #1 Get Organized: Start in your Closet

Ask most anyone and they will agree that organization is the key to a home that runs like a well oiled machine. But don't confuse organized with scheduled, that's a whole other ballgame - and blog post! With the start of a new year comes inspiration to organize in some way, shape or form. I immediately start in the closet.

Now I am one of the fortunate blessed with a lovely, spacious walk-in closet. Unfortunately, I am also cursed with a bursting at the seams, overladen with the trendy, the outdated or the very ill fitting closet. Call it the shopaholic syndrome. Consequently I too must start 2010 with not only resolutions - "I will not shop for any more clothes" - but more importantly, solutions to purge, organize and reorganize my closet.

Luckily, there is a four step method to the "organize your closet" madness which I confess to having borrowed from Tim Gunn - fashion guru extraordinaire. In his book A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style he states that "a closet is a catalog of the different personas we have auditioned and discarded." With that in mind, it is time to discard the clothes that go along with some of those discarded personas that really didn't fit your style.

1. Throw it away. This should really be self-explanatory. Over worn (and it looks it), faded, torn, snags, holes - these equal throw away. It really is that simple; very black and white. It's old so get rid of it. Thank it for its usefulness and move on.

2. Give it away. This can be trickier especially since emotions are bound to get involved. Rule of thumb, if you haven't worn it in a year, give it away. Seriously, what are you waiting for? It hasn't stirred your emotions enough to wear it for at least 365 days so trust me, it's not going to any time soon. Someone else will love it and wear it. Be strong. Put it in the give away pile. Free up some of that valuable closet space!

3. Repair it. Every one of us has items that never quite fit, have some kind of odd boxy feel or is just too snug. If you really can't part with it and it is stylish, find a good, reliable tailor or seamstress and have these items taken-in, restyled a bit or repaired. Stick to classic items for this pile - clothes you'll wear for years to come if they just fit correctly. Who knows? You just might find a brand new outfit in the mix.

4. The Keepers or Soul Stirrers. This is the pile we can all relate to. Not only is it the stuff we love, but it's the clothes that make us feel confident, beautiful and often invincible. It's the comfortable sweater that makes you feel safe, the perfect fitting jeans that make you feel sexy, the gorgeous blouse that makes you glow. These are the staples of your wardrobe - the classic, chic pieces that transcend time and look good no matter what kind of mood you're in. Go ahead and set these aside. Some may be oldies, but as long as they're in good shape, they are definitely goodies and worth wearing over and over again.

Remember, no matter what size closet you have, every one of us has a few fashion mistakes that need purging and we could all definitely use a little reorganizing in our everyday lives. Good luck!

Mariela Murphy

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