My Dream Kitchen - Almost

Anyone who knows me even just a little, knows that one of my many loves is to cook and entertain. Although I have yet to have my "dream kitchen", I have founds ways to "improve" whatever kitchen space I do have to make it my almost dream kitchen.  Take a look:

Even the most ordinary tools can be decorative if they are organized and placed in pretty containers.

I am not a "natural cook", so I take culinary inspiration from Ina and Julia, who are always my first choice for companions in the kitchen. (A good bottle of wine always helps too.) 
Since my dream kitchen has many of the same elements as the House Beautiful Kitchen of Year and Ina Garten's own Barn Kitchen, I removed some of the cabinet doors to create a more open feel to my small space.  My dream kitchen also includes a 6 burner gas stove with multiple ovens, double dishwasher drawers, twin french door refrigerators all in stainless steel and a large island.

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