White, Red and Sparkle Holiday Decorating

We live in a small house, so harmonizing my love of elegant and formal with the reality of functional and comfortable decorating is always a consideration. Naturally, holiday decorating is no exception. Inspired by a Country red and white theme, I've adapted my holiday decorating over the years to reflect my changing style. This year, the goal was to create a glitzy, sparkly space that's always ready for Santa and Holiday guests!  Happy Decorating!

If you read my previous post of the 6 layer Christmas tree, you'll know that since this is a little over a five foot tree, I would use 500 lights.  Actually, I used well OVER 800 lights on this little tree! 

I started with garland - of two inch shiny red ribbon, then a few over-sized round silver ornaments, an endless number of red, silver and white shiny and  frosted glass spheres in a variety of sizes and "candied" red berries attached with more silky ribbon for depth and texture.

A treasured collection of frame ornaments with snapshots marking the growth of my daughter each holiday and finally, a bright silver star, purchased from Pottery Barn years ago, finishes this year's tree.
I think it's the best tree ever!

The mantle is the one area of our home that is in constant decorating motion.  I generally don't have a traditional mirror there but find that for Christmas, it works great for its candle light reflecting qualities.  The cylinders on either side were inspired by "The Busy Girl's Guide..." class, and I have adapted them here to add height and interest.

This easy arrangement was made with jingle bells as vase-filler, faux flowers and stars in a square vase.  A matching one sits on the other side of the bar for balance as well as beauty. A similar arrangement could be made by replacing the jingle bells with fresh cranberries and white roses or your favorite white flowers. 

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