Fall Tag Sale

Although the calender declares that it's nearly the end of September, it's hard to believe that today is actually the first full day of Fall.  Don't let the weather fool you - eighty degree temperatures, sixty-five percent humidity, lots of sunshine and just a few clouds that barely threaten an afternoon thunderstorm resemble a mid-summer afternoon not the change of the season.  Despite this Indian summer climate,  potted mums, carving pumpkins, roasting turkeys and even Menorahs or Christmas trees are sure to be on your mind in the days ahead. Now that the kids are back in full swing at school, it's the perfect time to take stock and begin preparations for the upcoming season.

To keep stress levels at a minimum start now by decluttering and organizing.  There is no point in keeping items (unless they are seasonal)  that you have not used in the last six months or that don't have familial value.  But what to do with all the stuff that you've accumulated?  If you have a little extra time and a free Saturday morning, why not hold a Fall Tag Sale?  It's a great way to purge those unnecessary items and make a little extra cash.  I've averaged $500-$700 per tag sale.

If you've never held a Fall Tag Sale, there are a few things you should know.  And although it does require a little work and planning, the results can be quite lucrative.  The key to a successful sale?  Foot traffic, Presentation and Fun.  Here are my top 5 steps to the perfect Fall Tag Sale:
  1. Set the Time and the Date. Give yourself one month to gather all the items you'll be selling.  Hold the sale rain or shine.  
  2. Advertise!  You won't sell anything if no one knows you're selling.  Use free on-line ads and post large easy to read signs around your neighborhood.   
  3. Presentation. Categorize and group cleaned and repaired items and sets together by room. Kitchen: table ware, glassware; Family Room:  DVDs, games, etc. Display items on a table covered with a crisp white tablecloth.  This will make your inventory sparkle and will make it easier for your buyers to shop. 
  4. Pricing.  Price your items clearly and appropriately.  Be prepared to negotiate, but don't give the stuff away.  Remember, the point is it to make money!
  5. Clean Up & Donate.  Schedule a pick-up to have all left over items donated.  Once the items leaves your house do not let them back in!
It may be a good idea to invite a couple of friends to help out.  Supply coffee and danishes and be prepared to buy lunch if they are willing to stay that long.  Talk to your buyers, be realistic and be flexible.  Remember although you won't be getting full retail value for your items, you will be gaining valuable storage space and a little extra cash for your wallet!

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Happy Selling!

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