5 Tips for festive decor while selling during the Holidays.

Think it's not a good idea to decorate your house while it's listed this holiday season?

Think again!
Potential buyers want to see what the house will look like when they decorate! There is only one hard rule when when decorating your listed house:


Here are 5 tips on how to do that:

1. Start at the Curb- Please no blow up snowmen :)  But feel free to add a classic fresh wreath or two to the door or miniature trees in decorative urns to the front stoop

2. Less is more. Keep the decor clean and minimal so as not to distract from whats actually going on: the house is for sale.  We are going for warm, welcoming and cozy not first prize in the Santa contest!

3. Work with your existing color pallet. Use Holiday decor that enhances your existing decor instead of competing with it.  Not all decor works with classic green and and red and thats ok!

4. Go Monochromatic. Stick to one color and use it in varying textures and finishes through out the house to add sparkle and drama.

5. Use Fresh Greens. If you are just starting out, or wanting a complete change but don't want the expense of an entire new them, opt for fresh decor: Boxwood wreaths and white poinsettias are a beautiful way to decorate and there is nothing to store once the season is over.
Don't be afraid to add a festive touch to your house while it's on market this holiday season. When done with these tips in mind, holiday decor adds a happy glow that warms hearts and welcomes buyers home. which equals offers and sold properties!

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