Vacant Home Staging

There have long been several misconceptions about staging properties when selling. The two biggest mistakes are that an empty room will appear larger and therefore sell a house faster and that staging is only filling a room with furniture and accessories. 

Both of these statements are simply untrue.

Staging accomplishes several things.  One of the important accomplishments of staging a vacant home is providing design solutions, particularly for those awkwardly configured spaces. Even more important is that when executed correctly, staging creates opportunities for potential buyers to create emotional connections and there fore make offers. Statistics over the last ten years prove this  as time and time again that homes that are staged sell faster and for more money than those homes that were not staged or left vacant.

This past spring, One Pretty House Interiors designed several vacant properties which received viable full or above list price list price offers within a few days of staging. Some of which had been on the market for several weeks with no interest.

Take a look at some the projects we completed this spring:

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