Breakfast Nooks: Rethinking an Unused Space

I was on a walk the other day and noticed a bird's nest smack in the middle of a branch on the trees above me and I was reminded of how necessity is generally the mother of invention.

I live in a little house with a tiny dinning room and try as I might, finding the right sized dinning table and chairs has been elusive since I moved in. After reminding myself that I generally entertain via cocktail parties and rarely more formal sit down dinners, I came to realize that the best use of the space would be to simply expand the kitchen by way of a breakfast room.

As I do with all design projects (even my own) I started by collecting inspirational photos.

Here are some of my favorites.

The mini transformation is in process and I’ll post pics when it’s complete.

Have you ever had to completely rethink a space in your home so it could be more functional? I’d love to hear about it!

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