10 Essential Home Staging Tips (Part 2)

Did you know that 98% of buyers begin the search for their next home online? 
With advances in technology, that means that images of your property have 30 seconds to peak even the slightest interest before it's scrolled over via smart phone or tablet App.

Now that you have made minor improvements (click here for Part 1), make sure to get potential buyers not just to your front door, but through it, by following my final 5 of 
10 Essential Home Staging Tips:

6. Neutralize - Update tired (or overly taste specific) rooms with fresh neutral "Green" options. Use low or no-VOC paints and stains in warm whites, grays, beiges and taupes in eggshell finish for a clean, updated look. Have carpets professionally cleaned or replaced with in-stock options, and remove entirely, or replace, heavy or taste specific window treatments with solid off the shelf options.

7. Depersonalize - The goal is to allow potential buyers the opportunity to visualize themselves in the space. Removing family photos, all political and religious artifacts, and taste specific décor, allows potential buyers to make an emotional connection with the property. Update decor (as much as possible) to a simple, contemporary gender-neutral style. Think luxury hotel or model home.

8. Shed some light - BUYERS LOVE LIGHT! Have the windows and screens professionally cleaned inside and out. Replace tinted or colored lampshades with white (drum is best). Replace all light bulbs with the highest allowable wattage (keep extras on hand). Lastly, add additional table and floor lamps to brighten corners and rooms where overhead and/or natural light is lacking.

9. Rearrange Furniture - Arrange existing furniture to highlight architectural details: a fabulous view, a large welcoming fireplace, and make sure buyers can easily maneuver from space to space and open doors. There is nothing that will frustrate a buyer more than running into table corners, or not being able to see an entire closet because it's blocked by clutter.

10. Curb Appeal - This is probably one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of Staging. It's your property's first impression and sets the stage for what's inside. So don't ignore it! Now that it's been professionally cleaned up, make sure that the lawn is not ignored by keeping up regular yard maintenance. Add an appropriately sized welcome mat, add in season colorful annuals in strategic areas, and continue the look to the back yard, patio or deck. Fall is prime outdoor entertaining season.  Don't forget to show off your property's outdoor entertaining potential!

Remember that staging is not about you. Staging is about marketing your product (your property) for the fastest sale, in the shorts amount of time, for the highest amount of money. 

Following my 10 Essential Staging Tips will ensure you are well on your way to being ready when the sign goes up!

Are you thinking of selling this fall and the thought of staging your home has you overwhelmed? One Pretty House Interiors helps hundreds of home sellers get their property ready for the market each year. 

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