Inspiration ~ Summer Bicycles

Is it possible to LOVE the outdoors and yet not be an outdoorsy person? I think yes!

Whether I’m decorating a home for a client or myself, I like to pull inspiration from the beauty of nature and the things most loved. Where should you start? By collecting images of places and things that inspire you and make you feel happy, safe, relaxed and at peace.

Lately, I've been inspired by thoughts of bicycles in the summer. Riding a bike along the beach can be such a thrilling and freeing experience -- beautiful settings of blue skies, sea salt waves, sparkling sand, wind in my dark hair, and a white cotton skirt gracing my legs. All of these images allow me to escape the busyness of everyday life, and represent where I am my best self.  Gathering images can help you create a design vision for color palettes, textures, art and an overall feeling you want a space to ultimately present.

These are some of my favorite summer bicycle images, perhaps they will infuse you to begin your own collection of images that inspire you to create a home where you feel the most happy and your best self.

Head over to my Summer Inspiration board on Pinterest to see more of what's inspiring me right now, then let me know what's inspiring you? Do you have a collection of images you’ve gathered?      

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