A Nursery in the Future?

With the recent announcement of Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling expecting a child, the media is a buzz with countless images and suggestions of over the top nursery décor.  I have to admit to a small giggle.  

Twenty years ago, my daughter's nursery décor consisted of a fresh coat of paint to accompany the crib, cows and lambs. It was all we could afford…and the crib was a gift! (she didn't seem to mind).

But it did get me thinking: NOT of having another - Bite your tongue! 

But of some of the really fabulous and not so over the top nursery options available today.  Here are some of my favorites:

 Twins Nursery - DC Design House
Via Apartment Therapy

Via Pinterest

What are some of your thoughts on the new wave of nursery decor?

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