10 Things I Can't Live Without Right Now

1. Breville Compact Juicer:  I've become a little juicing maniac! In fact this little baby has banished the microwave popcorn!  I am juicing everything in sight and loving how great I feel!

2.  Burt’s Bee’s Radiance Body Lotion: Was in a spa basket won at an auction and what a little gem!  It has sparkles in it and makes my skin soft and gorgeous!!

3.  JCrew Airy Summer Straw Hat:  I purchased this at an outlet in Florida a few years ago, and who knew it would be so  handy! Now I don’t go out in the sun without it!

4. Lee Industries Slipcovered Chairs: These are my favorite pieces of furniture in the MY ENTIRE HOUSE and possibly the WHOLE World! They are classic and adapt to whatever design whim I'm into at the moment, and comfortable enough to take a nap in. One of the best things about them is that I purchased them in white cotton slipcovers that literally go in the wash and hang dry!

5. Clinique Color Surge Lipstick in Delovely: Well. It’s just that - LOVELY! I wear it everyday with everything.

6. Essie Nail Polish in Geranium: My go to color for perfect happy summer toes!

7. LOFT Multi Striped Crossover Dress: I am literally wearing it as I am writing this. Easy, Comfortable and Pretty to wear just about anywhere.  

8. Pottery Barn Heathered Chenille Jute Rug in Natural: Durable to withstand sand, dogs and lots of friends, but soft on bare feet.

9. The Tonight Show staring Jimmy Fallon: For those of you who know me...Enough said 

10. Knowing Perfume: An Estee Lauder classic scent. I’ve been wearing this since I was 18 and NEVER leave the house without a little spritz.

What things can you not live with out right now?

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