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We moved a few months ago and since our studio is also here, I found myself packing and relocating my life and my business in the middle of packing up my daughter for her first year of College!

Needless to say, furniture and and boxes were moved,  but NO attention was paid to any sort of decorating or space planning.  So here i am at the beginning of a new year and have suddenly looked up to find that I don't feel like my office is MY office!  So I've made myself my own client and scheduled myself for a redesign. These are my challenges: 

1. The right furniture arrangement. Unlike the old, this new space is long and narrow, so furniture had to be reconfigured to accommodate the ceiling height. This means that NOTHING could be put back they way it had been.  We basically lined the cabinets against the wall and called it a day.  

2. The right storage and organization. After we lined the walls with cabinets, we threw things in to them and got back to work..  (Yikes!) 

3. Personality: The furniture and accessories are all white, which worked in the old space that had soft blue walls and a fantastic view of lush green woods. But the current flat white walls and 1980's aluminum mini blinds covering windows on either end make the furniture and the space feel dated and clinical.  

I like having an all or mostly all white office because it acts as a blank canvas that doesn't compete, but it needs to feel way less corporate.  The end result needs to be a space that not only functions really well, but is a space I love to be in. Especially since I spend so much time here!

As I do with all my clients I asked myself to gather images of spaces I like the look and feel of.  Here are some of my favorites:

Would you like to see these and more of my office inspiration?
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                                       I'll post before and after photos as soon as possible.

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