Friday Favs - Georgetown

I favor movies and TV shows set in cities, towns and neighborhoods I love. In fact, it's not unusual for my daughter and I to visit locations we first see on screen.  So it was no surprise when I was recently sucked into an old favorite 80's film about seven friends just graduated from Georgetown University.

Washington D.C. is on my list of favorite cites in the world, but Georgetown,  is my weakness.

Despite the fact that it is literally down the road (In fact a very long, long Avenue) from our home, I never tire of walking along it's tree lined streets, swooning over beautiful architecture and home exteriors, popping in and out of boutiques brimming with clothing to furnishings to art; Or meeting friends in one it's many delicious Cafe's and restaurants.  It's the perfect combination of Old School charm on modern terms.

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Cafe Bonaparte via OPHI

Georgetown via OPHI

                 Have you ever visited a place just because you fell in love with it on screen first?


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  1. Small screen - The Strand spanning Malibu, Santa Monica to Venice beaches (seen in countless t.v. shows).
    Big screen - Various locations in O'ahu (aside from downtown Honolulu/Waikiki), there's Waimanalo, Kailua, The North Shore... <3