Five Guest Room Must-Haves

Theres no denying it, the Holidays are right around the corner!

With Holidays and Holiday parties, comes planned out of town guests and sometimes spontaneous visitors. Whether you are fortunate enough to have a designated guestroom or not, these five guestroom essentials will make even the most impromptu guest feel special:
1. A little Privacy please: Even in the smallest of spaces a little privacy can go a long way. Create it with a stylish screen like this one to designate "Guest Space". When not in use it's a stylish corner accent.

2. Thirsty? No one wants to wake up thirsty in an unfamiliar place, and you probably don't want guests fumbleing around in search of the kitchen anyway.  Keep a crystal water pitcher next to the bed or sofa is an essential that adds instant luxury! 

3. Baby it's cold. Keeping an extra blanket close at hand will invite your guests to cozy up with a book and ensure feet stay toasty warm.

 4. Scented candle.  There's something instantly calming within the sent of a luxurious candle. Get in the spirit with this light HOLIDAY candle from Seda France.  

5. Does anyone have a light? Good lighting is essential in any space. But it's particularly important for guests.  Who wants to feel like they are sleeping in a dungeon?  Providing a lamp with a 3way switch like this one, allows guests to determine the amount of light that's right for them. And don't forget to plug in a nightlight in a hall or bath to illuminate the path unexpected midnight callings. 

 Check back on the Blog next week for my top five luxuries to kick your guestroom to the next level! 
Have a Great Weekend!

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