Spring Centerpieces and Table Decorations

I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR EASY WAYS TO MAKE A TABLE SETTING SPECIAL. With Mother's Day just around the corner, why not try one of these simple ideas from Country Living to let mom know just how special she is. 

 Print the menu on a napkin. Type the menu on your computer into a word document as you would a printable invitation. Print it out using white iron-on transfer paper. Iron on to your selected napkin. (The transfer will work best on 100% cotton fabric).

Spring Nest. How about this for a fresh centerpiece? Start with dampened moss in a medium size bowl (think Ice cream or cereal), then tuck small flowers around the edge. Next, place a smaller bowl filled with speckled candy eggs in the center, make sure the rim is well camouflaged with moss and flowers.  

Picture Vase. Photocopy favorite family photos, glue them on solid sheets of paper and attach to the inside of a glass vase or cylinder with colorful clothes pins. Fit a plastic container inside the vase for flowers in water.

pictures courtesy of Country Living

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